Traveling is my escape from reality. Exploring a new world, experiencing another culture, meeting new people, eating different foods, count me in! Naturally, I have dreams to travel the world, but I’m just going to take it one flight at a time.

So what did I decide to do for my 27th birthday? Besides pretending I was still 25… I pulled out my passport and traveled to Toronto, Ontario! I’ve never been, and I’ve heard nothing but great things, I had to visit! And thanks to my best friend, we were able to get away for a weekend trip!


I’m excited to share with you guys my favorite travel essentials and a few travel tips that’s perfect for a weekend getaway! And while I’m at it, enjoy the photos of my cute little airport outfit.


First thing’s first, carry-on life is the best life. Flying in Friday and out on Sunday is basically equivalent to 2 “almost-full” days. My friends and I usually plan our trips so we have an idea what we’re doing, but more importantly, so we know what to wear! Looking at my itinerary, I play a game with my closet called, “How many outfits do you see?” Don’t laugh, but I literally try on every outfit as I pack them. I do this for two reasons - 1) So I don’t over pack and throw random clothes in my suitcase that I’ll never use, and 2) So I know what I put together in my head actually looks good on and I’m not stuck with a bad outfit on my trip. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.



Traveling to Canada in February, I was expecting warm weather and sunny blue skies, said no one ever! Weather was in the high 30’s, which means sweaters, boots, and a coat. All in a carry-on? Challenge accepted.


I made it work by carrying my coat on the plane and only packing three “pre-tried on” outfits with the same boots for each.

Another secret of mine, I wore the same outfit to the airport. Now normally I don’t do this, but when I’m pressed for carry-on space, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. But shhhh you didn’t hear that from me.


Since this was such a short trip, I had to be ready to hit the town as soon as I got off the plane. So of course, I dressed accordingly.


There has to be airport regulations for the AC to be set on “freezing” at all times. So a comfy sweater is always a must! (A denim jacket is a nice substitute -  it’s the perfect weight, goes with everything, and the inside pockets are a major plus to keep your boarding pass and phone handy.) Instead of wearing jeans or leggings, I had to spruce it up. So these awesome wide-leg pants made a statement saying, “I’m traveling comfortably and fabulous!”




My favorite pair of booties from Forever 21 are absolutely the most comfortable to walk in! And a large personal bag that’s big enough to fit my laptop and all of my on-flight necessities, like my memory foam neck pillow and fuzzy eye mask.



Another essential travel buddy, my new Warby Parker glasses! I rarely ever fly with my contacts on because 9/10 times I’ll be falling asleep on the plane and I can’t even begin to describe how much more comfortable it is without contacts. Thanks to Warby Parker’s Frame Quiz , I really lucked out finding a pair of glasses that fit my face and look so stylish! They’ll send you 5 pairs for a free try-on at home. Once you pick your favorite, send your prescription, and you have a new best friend! The best part, prices start at only $95.


And there you have it! Hope you guys enjoyed my Wanderlust travel diary. Stay tuned to my Instagram to see what I did in Toronto!


Get the look!

Glasses – Warby Parker

Sweater – Bloomingdale’s AQUA

Pants – H&M

Shoes – Forever 21

Bag – Forever 21


Posted on February 26, 2018