It’s finally here! Somebody pinch me. I’ve been dreaming about this blog for the past couple of years, and here you are!

Since we’re on a coffee date, let me first introduce myself, my name is Rebecca O’Rourke Morris. Growing up, I wasn’t necessarily a fan of my middle name because it was different. But I learned to embrace it and fell in love with how unique it made me, and that made it beautiful. Thus, I created a twist on the name by incorporating “Jolie”, which means beautiful in French. Jolie O’Rourke is now my brand, my creative outlet for everything fashion.

Born and raised in Miami, FL and I’m currently living in West Palm Beach, FL. I’ll be 27 this month and I’m about to hit an extremely pivotal point in my life. Why, you ask? No, I’m not getting married or starting a family (single like a dollar btw), but recently my position as a luxury retail department manager was eliminated and I lost my job. I heard opportunity knocking at my door and it wasn’t in retail management. I decided to chase my dreams- model, style, and blog! Not only was I completely changing careers, which is already extremely scary, but I’ll be in the Big Apple! Yes, I’m moving to NYC! It’s crunch time now! I spend most of my time at local coffee shops (aka “the office”), planning my move, researching and writing, organizing photo shoots, etc. One of my favorites places to go is Subculture Coffee in downtown West Palm Beach.

Caramel latte please! If you know me, then you know my obsession with coffee. And if that wasn’t obvious, the huge “I Love Coffee” sign in my living room would definitely give it away. What better place to work at!
BTW ladies- If you’re looking for new ways to tell a guy not interested or want to see how quickly he can leave, try saying “I’m moving to NY in a month”, so far that’s worked pretty well for me, intentionally or not. (lol)

So, my second obsession; this hat.

Don’t let the picture fool you, but I have a tiny head. Seriously, I usually have to wear kids hats, but THANK YOU Forever 21, the school boy/poor boy hats are back in style and the best part is, they fit any size head. To complete this trendy casual look: graphic tee and high-waist distressed ankle jeans with pearls down the side (because any other pair a jeans just wouldn’t do it), a cool bucket bag easy to carry and stuff, and most important- Gucci fur-lined mules.

Ok shhh… time to get back to work. Be on the look out for my next blog!

Get the look!
Hat – Forever 21
Tee – Forever 21
Jeans – H&M
Bag – Forever 21
Shoes – Gucci


Photo Credit: SM Photography

Posted on February 16, 2018